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Universal 12V 24V Durable Car LCD Digital 4 in 1 Voltmeter Temperature Gauge Fuel level Gauge Oil Pressure Meter Flashing Alarm Visual Display, High Accuracy Real-time Monitoring Anti-vibration

Price: $33.89
(as of Nov 24,2020 17:34:27 UTC – Details)

Car Liquid Crystal Display 4 in 1 Voltmeter Combination Gauge Flashing Alarm
With digital display, intuitive observation Parameter display precision and stability, low power consumption
It has visual display, high accuracy, low power consumption, good stability, strong anti-vibration performance and wide application range (12V/24V).
It has the characteristics of convenient installation, long service life and complete protection function. It also has the alarm function. It is the preferred product for measuring the parameters of automobile water thermometers, voltmeters, fuel level and pressure gauges.
The LCD four-in-one meter is a new generation of products to replace the traditional mechanical and direct-induction automotive water thermometers, voltmeters, fuel level and oil pressure meters.
Package Included: 1x Gauge/ 1x Temperature sensor/ 1x Oil Pressure sensor/ 1 Set cable

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